Jill Schiefelbein: Media Maverick on Screen, Stage and Page

When you think of someone having “dynamic communication skills”, you might think they are a Boy Scout Leader, an H.R. manager, or maybe a Tony Robbins-esque motivational speaker. But the fact is, in this age of hyper-social media marketing, every business person needs dynamic communication skills.

Whether those skills are used in the boardroom, on the stage, in a book, or in front of a camera, no one teaches the art of getting your message across like Jill Schiefelbein – the Dynamic Communicator™ herself!

Formerly a professor of business communication, she literally wrote the book on the subject (her textbook, Business and Professional Communication in the Global Workplace, is still required reading in many higher education institutions). She has since taken her knowledge and applied it to her own career – creating a YouTube Channel focusing on speaking and presentation skills that has generated hundreds of thousands of views.

The success of those videos established Jill as a media personality, and led to her becoming a contributing author and live-stream video host for Entrepreneur.com.

In this episode of The Profit Ability Show, I speak with Jill about her career change from teaching at Arizona State University to becoming a professional speaker, author and media host, YouTube strategies we can all use, and her new book, Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead & Manage Your Business.

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